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82                                 MFE   OF
formation of the world in general, and of this remark-
able phenomenon in particular,
Humboklt and Bonpland returned once inoro to
Mexico, over the high levels of Toluca, in order to
arrange their botanic and geologic collections., to regu-
late and calculate the barometric arid trigonometric
measurements., and to prepare the sketches for a
geognostic atlas.
In January, 1804, Humbolclt set out on a more
extensive excursion, to examine the eastern side of thjt
Cordilleras, of Mexico ; the altitudes of tho volcanoes
Popocatepetl and Tztaccilmatl, wore trigonomotri-
cally measured, as well as tho pyramid of OhoUila,
which was once built of bricks, by the Tulteks, tiud
which was ascended on account of the beatitiful view
it affords on the snow-covered tops of the mountains,
and the smiling valleys of Tlascala. After those
investigations, BLumboldt proceeded to Xalajm, over
Perote, and had to pass through almost impenetrable
forests of oak and fir trees, through which a road wan
subsequently made according to Ins plans, in conse-
quence of his three times repeated barometric mea-
surements of the locality. Cofre, a mountain, situated
near Perote, and 162 toises higher than the peak of
Teneriffe, was also ascended and ineastirod, and also
the peak of Orizava, past which his way led hint
After a stay in these regions, which had proved most
fertile in scientific studies and their results, Hum-
boldt and Bonpland returned to Vera Orusa, on the
bay of Mexico, fortunately escaped tho yellow fovor,
raging in this sterile and waterless plain, and sot Hail
for Havanna, on a Spanish frigate, to take poaseHHion
of the collections left there in the year 1800, They
tarzied here two months, and then embarked on u
ship which was to transport them to tho United States
of North America. After a violent storm, which
lasted seven days, in the Bahama channel, they reached
Philadelphia in thirty-two daye, visited 'Washington
from thence, and after the lapne of about two months^
spent in the free states of North America, and whore